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8.1.09 08:38

Uh Cheerleaders Win Paula Abdul Quot Mtv Show

The team is in the foreground the new reality show that debuted Rah Saturday. A Couple Things Were Told To Us Maybe Two Days Priorsaid Head Coach and consultant Mike Baker. In November, have passed the National Cheerleading Championships to compete on a new MTV reality show hosted by Paula Abdul. L University of Hawaii cheer team is basking in the national spotlight. L University of Hawaii cheerleaders are gaining national recognition thanks to MTV. So We Were In The Midst Of Traveling So We Were Working On Things At The Airport Coming Together Coming Up With Routines For Certain Things.
8.1.09 08:38

Miley Cyrus Celebrates New Year With Alison Kaprielian

Cyrus performed at Kaprielian Beckman High School in Orange County, as the student earned the honor as reward for charity work he has done as president and founder of the Pink Ribbon Club, which raises awareness of breast cancer and money to combat disease. The 16-year-old singer and BFF Mandy Jiroux spent the evening with Alison Kaprielian, the winner of a contest for MTV that gave one lucky fan the chance to hang with Miley for a night. Miley Cyru got off to a start in 2009 for charity.
8.1.09 08:38

Megan Fox Quot Genuinely Terrified Quot When Filming Quot Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Quot

Filming of Transformer: Revenge Of The Fallen were so close to a realistic scale scare Megan Fox. The 22-year-old actress, who was seen in How to Lose Friends alienate People continues, And you still feel empty spaces - many with arms that go on, do not know. In a recent article published by My Park Magazine, the actress who returns to play the sequel of Mikaela Banes confessed that she was really scared l experience. Recalling the filming of Transformers sequel battle scene, Fox said: It makes you run faster because you are really terrified. .
8.1.09 08:37

Pete Doherty Gives Up Drugs

The male Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty is glad 2008 is over, because voted to live a clean life in the 09th believe him? Probably not, but at least he looking for. Doherty, known Kate Mos dated, had a very public battle with substance abuse and has been fighting addictions to heroin and crack cocaine since 2003..
8.1.09 08:37

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